Poet Of The Year 2019 Submissions

Theme “Hope”

I hope my family is okay
And what I wish is for peace.Sia Patel, 5 year old
I hope, I become super hero and fly
I hope, I have jet packs to fly
I hope, I swim under deep ocean
I hope, I ride on a submarine
I hope, I surf on a surfboard
I hope, I ride a unicycle
I hope, I ice skate downhill
I hope, I ride underwater train
I hope, I can be on a fastest plane
I hope, I invent new technology
I hope, I have a chocolate factory
I hope, I live in the white house
I hope, I have the biggest house
I hope, I become astronaut one day
I hope, I visit moon someday
I hope, I can ride on a zipline
I hope, I can be hopeful all the timeArham Sheth, 7 year old
In darkness, hope is a light.
Those that are hopeful point out the way through the night.
Those that feel hopeful paint the sunrise, meaning hope is coming.
In the dark, a hopeful person turns on the light, filling the room with hope.
Arya Rao, 8 year old
🎼 It is the power of hope that brings us here. Hope is magical and strong. Hope will be the key to success!! 🎼
Prathigna Rakesh Shankar, 9 year old
I have a hope to become a basketball player and then a robotics CEO.

Everybody has a hope; most have a hope to have food, shelter, etc.

Hope is an expectation, a desire for a certain wanting to happen.

It is our job to make people’s hope come true.

If we try our best, we can make everything happen.

Hope can be in any form, for example, a caterpillar wants to fly.

We need to act on our hopes to make this happen.

We need to help others to make them realize their true hopes.

So remember, if you find someone who is trying to find their hope,
help them, and make that hope come true!ridaArjun Sridhar, 10 year old


A small word with a large meaning,

The word that helps us achieve.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” – Martin Luther King Jr.

He had a dream, which turned into a hope, and then into reality,

This is why we don’t have a lot of segregation.

“I will prepare and someday my chance will come” – Abraham Lincoln

He had hope,

Slavery was everywhere and really bothered him,

He hoped he could live in a world with no slavery; where everyone was as free as a bird,

Years later, his hope had started to come true.

But, even people who are not famous can have hope,

A mother hopes that her child will become successful and happy,

I hope to become a doctor and help bring happiness to families.

Not just humans can have hope though,

A fire hopes it can burn brighter and become larger without being put out,

A seed hopes it can become a majestic tree, featured in the most beautiful paintings.

So, in a world filled with hope, make sure to keep your hope, because you never know when it can become reality.Monisha Sridar, 12 year old

If I could read your future,
I wouldn’t tell you what it was
It would diminish the passion in your eyes
For everytime you achieved what you love
If I could make your troubles go away
It would hurt me, but I wouldn’t do it
For the beautiful fury in your bones
I know will help you get through it
The bad days won’t last forever
They will be far and few
In a world of unpredictability, hope is what guides us throughSaloni Desai, 27 year old
Hope For A Happy New Year
As the year starts ending,
We all start thinking that,
This year has been amazing,
And now its peak is where it’s at.
It’s time to put hate behind us,
And instead make new friends.
We can start anew,
And also make amends.
We can start a new page,
In the story of our lives.
A new chapter can be written,
Once the next year arrives.
We can set new goals,
And we can achieve,
Whatever we want,
If we only believe.
The new year is not,
Just about starting again.
It is a time to reflect,
On the joy and pain.
There were some times this year,
That were so very fun.
There were also moments,
That shouldn’t be redone.
In the end what is to be said is,
And we should be clear,
All we need to do,
Is have hope for a happy new year.Rujula Warade, Asha Teens volunteer
Camouflaged Charisma
I disturbed the deep tranquil waters
of forgotten times,
Unaware of the stimuli it manifested inside.
The ripples vanished, leaving behind a
tarnished chime
Of disastrous histories and poignant cries.
And still, I will not cease to Hope, but have faith
in those fettered dopes.
So rise “O Miracle Man” and Unwind your reins
of camouflaged charisma.
Hail Chernobyle! Long live Hiroshima!!
The maniac in you crossed the
harness of disciplined heroism.
You gave birth to vandalism, and tread the
path to diabolism
You leaned on corruption and therefore have to shoulder
others corruption.
Still fear not, but awake “All Powerful”, and unwind your
reins of camouflaged charisma.
Sow a smile at every milestone
to reap the felicity of your sweating rib-bone
Much is expected from your coming pedigrees
for the future shall rejoice from those promising treasures.
Enigmatic as you are, conceal your nasty ways
to reveal tomorrow’s beautiful days
Embark upon your imbibed “Pratima”
to unwind the reins of your camouflaged charisma!!Grishma Pandya
The Story of Rain
It starts off as one single, liquid, chrome -colored drop,
silently falling to the earth,
Not knowing where it is going, but knowing it will bring joy
The drop signals to the others-
Then they all come down in a large chorus,
Singing their song and laughing their laugh
They haven’t come in a while, so they keep coming continuously,
Until there is no one left
As they reach the surface, they say their last line and go….
Then the doors open, and people everywhere come outside to celebrate
Dry, cracked, red earth turns to a rich deep brown
Frowns crinkle to smiles and the straw hats are taken off, being filled by the sweet liquid
The water runs down the roofs and onto the streets and into the fields
People are seen dancing and splashing and crying
Buckets and pails and mouths and hands are brought out to collect the nectar, before it goes away
Rain, rain, come again, stay with us another dayKareena Pandya
The Rose
I wandered around feeling despair,
Drifting by like no one cared
Down below as I looked,
There were roses- firm and hooked
As I glided down to see,
The roses called to me
Swaying and Swinging,
They seemed to be singing
I sat- suspended in air,
A bee buzzed, “Go, I dare!”
I trembled as I saw the flowers,
Raising high, big as towers
Its red hue,
Its beads of dew,
Its sweet scent,
Made me content
My heart raised and soared,
Never again to be bored
Sitting in this pose,
Dancing with the roseKareena Pandya